BlunderBea’s debut

Today I went to visit my grandma, as she had bought me a cake lifter for my recently revisited hobby of baking. Now nobody in my family is quite sure of my grandma’s age, but we are quite sure she is edging closer to her eighth decade, but I cannot and will not confirm that, for fear of being disowned. I can however confirm that she is pretty awesome, we lost my grandad 7 years ago to leukaemia and although she is heartbroken, she still has a lot of adventure in her, which I truly admire.

We were talking about my new job, which I told her although I am enjoying it, I don’t think it’s my forever career. I also told her I was scared that if I carry on forever doing medioka office jobs that when I reach (if I ever make it to) retirement I will regret not doing more. She said that you don’t regret doing more, but maybe that you didn’t do something different. Her career had to take a backseat because my grandad’s army life took them all over the world (not that that’s too shabby a lifestyle) so she became a teacher at international schools. She said she wishes she’d have worked for a food magazine writing articles on recipes and taking photos for it, so I suggested she starts a blog.

Then I realised I was advising her to do something that I have wanted to do since I was 17, I am now 24 and I still haven’t written one post after 7 years, 3 downloaded blog apps and 2 years at college doing an English and communication & culture A level. All I have achieved in that time is thinking and talking about it. Today is the day I am DOING it.
I have no idea what my blog is going to be about yet, which is quite fitting as I’m still not quite sure what I am going to be about yet either. Hopefully I will find out the answer to both by writing about my dabblings, ponders and blunders (past and present).